Viscera Health

- Viscera is a Health Care Services Technology company

- Our mission is Health and Wellness

- We leverage Technology and Data Analysis to bring about a Healthy change in living
"Treatment without Prevention is simply unsustainable"
"Organization's Health is Our Priority"

About Us

Viscera is health care startup that provides affordable and easily accessible technology to take control of one's health and wellness

Technology enabled health care

Viscera leverages the advancement of technology with IoT concept to install kiosks in corporates where employees visit during their regular work hours that enables quick and easy access to preventive health

Health Data in Cloud

Health Data is encrypted and remotely stored in secure cloud servers and users can access current and historical data through mobile app Viscera.This data can be shared in secure manner to who they chose to share with

Health Center

We will setup a medical room at client site and will provide following services

- Emergency Services

- Preventive Care Services

- Wellness Services

Health Mobil

This is mobile nurse team that will be deputed to client site on regular basis

- Two Nurse Staff will facilitate Preventive Health Care screening for employees

- 18 parameteres are screeded that includes Blood pressure, Blood Glucose, Heart Rate, Hemoglobin, Cholesterol, ECG etc.

- Frequency determined by organization demographics, size and needs

Doctor Services

Quaified Doctor and Nurse deputed to client site to facilitate complete screening

- Doctor assess employee's personal and health history

- Doctor performs systemic examination such as Respiratory, cardio, ENT, Skin, abdomen etc.

- Doctor issues medical fitness certificate

Wellness Services

- Personalized and group wellness programs by qualified health experts

- Personalized workout plans designed by fitness trainers

- Tracking of diets and recommendation of food chart by Dietitian

- Coach assigned to monitor the progress of individuals and groups

Virtual Wellness Services *New

We are introducing new Virtual wellness service due to covid pandemic and most organizations have their employees work from home.

- Tailored wellness program

- Executive package available for executives

Productive Workforce

- Healthy workforce increases productivity

- Provide tools to employees to take control of their health

Engagement / CSR

- Effective employee engagement program

- Decrease in employee attrition

Reduced Insurance Costs

Employer can negotiate for reduced health care insurance cost with providers

Organization Health

Employer track overall health of the organization with the aggregated data reports

Ralston Raju, Founder

- MBA (Finance) in Creighton University, USA

- 20 Years background in Information Technology and Management

- Worked for Finance and Insurance sectors in USA for 18 years

- Key player in successful launch of startup MyVitalz

Parthasarathy Thirumalai, Co-Founder

- 14 years in the US in Key positions with Solomon Bros, UUNET, Worldcom and AOL

- Involved in technology Start ups in the areas of Networks, Mobility, Location Based Services, IoT, Spectator Engagement and Video Streaming

Felix Raju, Director - Marketing

- 16 Years experience in Marketing

- Currently serving as Global Market Head in Art Houz

Noel Dinesh, IT head

- Graduated with Masters in Computer Science from University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA

- Currently works as Technology Group Manager at Kiewit, USA

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